Buddha and anger management

Which Buddha sat under the tree of enlightenment, a man approached me, he heard that the Buddha was a man with enlightenment. The guy decided to examine the Buddha’s self-control.
The guy stood in front of the Buddha and began to curse him. He used any derogatory words that exist on Earth – but to no avail. Buddha did not respond.

After a while, the boy was tired and went away cursing.

After resting guy, he returned for a second round of curses.
This time he added cursing the family of Buddha and snapped the words of the harm he could have imagined.
But again, there was no response from the Buddha. The guy is very tired, he turned to the Buddha and said:
“I cursed you in every way I could think of, but you do not call me back at all.”
Buddha looked him over and said:

“If someone gives you a present, but you refuse to accept it, then, for those who remain idle?”
“For the person who gives,” replied the boy.

“So I refuse to accept your curses,” answered Buddha

The guy turned around and walked away. Do want to have qzz in your life? He asked.

The story of the Buddha demonstrates that we can save ourselves from unnecessary injuries, prevent ourselves unrest, turmoil and unnecessary difficulties in the world inside and outside, and by the failure to cooperate with the printing behavior creates constant conflict can also prevent unnecessary conflict. Moreover, by awareness and changing the reaction may also help your partner to change himself because what has happened so far has been not working anymore. There is no point in going back over and over again on something that works.

Think about it, where it’s written that whatever they give us, or want to “deposit” Here we have to take? The choice whether or not it is in our hands.